Optional SATS Papers

Optional SATS papers are papers which were set in year 3, year 4 and year 5 for schools to use should they wish to. They were used by schools to check if their children were on track to deliver the standards expected when they finally sat KS2 year 6 SATS.

Are Optional SATS Papers available to use?

Yes Optional SATS papers are available to use in both English and Maths.  Although, the papers that have been issued are not quite in the same format as current papers and don’t all have the same syllabus.

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Please read: To increase your child’s preparation and chances of success, we have produced SATS preparation guides and book recommendations for the whole of KS2. After analysing the range of products available we wholeheartedly believe that these materials give the best chance of success. Please follow this link for more information.

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How are Optional SATS papers still useful?

We recommend using optional sats papers as a check to see how children are doing in years three, four and five. If they are used with the knowledge that the new syllabus and new format KS2 tests will be slightly more advanced then they pose no problems. Children who do very well in these optional SATS papers will be well along the road to doing very well in their KS2 SATS.  Those who don’t do well will self-identify as perhaps needing more help.

What optional SATS papers are available?

Sets of Maths and English papers suitable for years two, three and four are available to download free with no registration. Just click through using the links:

Year three optional Sats papers – Maths

Year Three optional SATS papers – English

Year four optional Sats papers – Maths

Year four optional SATS papers – English

Year five optional Sats papers – Maths

Year five optional SATS papers – English