KS2 Year 6 SATS Papers

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English KS2 SATs Year 6 Standard SATs Papers

Maths KS2 SATs Year 6 Standard SATs Papers

SPaG KS2 SATs Year 6 Standard SATs Papers


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Key Stage 2- KS2 English Reading Year 6 SATs Past Papers

YearReading BookletReading Answer BookletMarking SchemeLevel Thresholds
2018 KS2 SATs Papers2018 Reading Booklet2018 Reading Answer Booklet2018 Marking Scheme2018 Level Thresholds
2017 KS2 SATs Papers2017 Reading Booklet2017 Reading Answer Booklet 2017 Marking Scheme2017 Level Thresholds
2016 KS2 SATs Papers2016 Reading Booklet2016 Reading Answer Booklet2016 Marking Scheme2016 Level Thresholds
2016 (Sample) KS2 SATs Papers2016 Sample Reading Booklet2016 Sample Reading Answer Booklet2016 Sample Marking SchemeN/A
2015 KS2 SATs Papers2015 Reading Booklet2015 Reading Answer Booklet2015 Marking Scheme2015 Level Thresholds
2014 KS2 SATs Papers2014 Reading Booklet2014 Reading Answer Booklet2014 Marking Scheme2014 Level Thresholds
2013 KS2 SATs Papers2013 Reading Booklet2013 Reading Answer Booklet2013 Marking Scheme2013 Level Thresholds
2012 KS2 SATs Papers2012 Reading Booklet2012 Reading Answer Booklet2012 Marking Scheme2012 Level Thresholds
2011 KS2 SATs Papers2011 Reading Booklet2011 Reading Answer Booklet2011 Marking Scheme2011 Level Thresholds
2010 KS2 SATs Papers2010 Reading Booklet2010 Reading Answer Booklet2010 Marking Scheme2010 Level Thresholds
2009 KS2 SATs Papers2009 Reading Booklet 1

2009 Reading Booklet 2

2009 Reading Answer Booklet2009 Marking Scheme2009 Level Thresholds
2008 KS2 SATs Papers2008 Reading Booklet2008 Reading Answer Booklet2008 Marking Scheme2008 Level Thresholds
2007 KS2 SATs Papers2007 Reading Booklet2007 Reading Answer Booklet2007 Marking Scheme2007 Level Thresholds
2006 KS2 SATs Papers2006 Reading Booklet2006 Reading Answer Booklet2006 Marking Scheme2006 Level Thresholds
2005 KS2 SATs Papers2005 Reading Booklet2005 Reading Answer Booklet2005 Marking Scheme2005 Level Thresholds
2004 KS2 SATs Papers2004 Reading Booklet2004 Reading Answer Booklet2004 Marking Scheme2004 Level Thresholds
2003 KS2 SATs Papers2003 Reading Booklet2003 Reading Answer Booklet2003 Marking Scheme2003 Level Thresholds


Key Stage 2- KS2 SPaG Year 6 SATs Past Papers

YearPaper 1 (Questions)Paper 2 (Spelling)Spelling TranscriptMarking SchemeLevel Thresholds
2018 KS2 SATs Papers2018 SPaG Paper 12018 Spelling Paper 22018 Spelling Transcript2018 Marking Scheme2018 Level Thresholds
2017 KS2 SATs Papers2017 SPaG Paper 12017 Spelling Paper 22017 Spelling Transcript2017 Marking Scheme2017 Level Thresholds
2016 KS2 SATs Papers2016 SPaG Paper 12016 Spelling Paper 2 2016 Spelling Transcript2016 Marking Scheme2016 Level Thresholds
2016 (Sample) KS2 SATs Papers2016 SPaG Sample Paper 12016 Spelling Sample Paper 22016 Sample Spelling Transcript2016 Sample Marking SchemeN/A
2015 KS2 SATs Papers2015 SPaG Paper 12015 Spelling Paper 22015 Spelling Transcript2015 Marking Scheme2015 Level Thresholds
2014 KS2 SATs Papers2014 SPaG Paper 12014 Spelling Paper 22014 Spelling Transcript2014 Marking Scheme2014 Level Thresholds
2013 KS2 SATs Papers2013 SPaG Paper 12013 Spelling Paper 22013 Spelling Transcript2013 Marking Scheme2013 Level Thresholds
2013 (Sample) KS2 SATs Papers2013 SPaG Sample Paper 12013 Spelling Sample Paper 22013 Sample Spelling Transcript2013 Sample Marking SchemeN/A
2012 KS2 SATs PapersN/AInternal Paper 2

External Paper 2

Internal Spelling Transcript

External Spelling Transcript

Internal Marking Scheme

External Marking Scheme

2012 Level Thresholds
2011 KS2 SATs PapersN/A2011 Spelling Paper 22011 Spelling Transcript2011 Marking Scheme2011 Level Thresholds
2010 KS2 SATs PapersN/A2010 Spelling Paper 22010 Spelling Transcript2010 Marking Scheme2010 Level Thresholds
2009 KS2 SATs PapersN/A2009 Spelling Paper 22009 Spelling Transcript2009 Marking Scheme2009 Level Thresholds
2008 KS2 SATs PapersN/A2008 Spelling Paper 22008 Spelling Transcript2008 Marking Scheme2008 Level Thresholds
2007 KS2 SATs PapersN/A2007 Spelling Paper 22007 Spelling Transcript2007 Marking Scheme2007 Level Thresholds
2006 KS2 SATs PapersN/A2006 Spelling Paper 22006 Spelling Transcript2006 Marking Scheme2006 Level Thresholds
2005 KS2 SATs PapersN/A2005 Spelling Paper 22005 Spelling Transcript2005 Marking Scheme2005 Level Thresholds
2004 KS2 SATs PapersN/A2004 Spelling Paper 22004 Spelling Transcript2004 Marking Scheme2004 Level Thresholds
2003 KS2 SATs PapersN/A2003 Spelling Paper 22003 Spelling Transcript2003 Marking Scheme2003 Level Thresholds


Key Stage 2- KS2 Maths Year 6 SATs Past Papers

YearPaper 1Paper 2Paper 3Marking SchemeLevel Thresholds
2018 KS2 SATs Papers2018 Paper 12018 Paper 22018 Paper 32018 Marking Scheme2018 Level Thresholds
2017 KS2 SATs Papers2017 Paper 12017 Paper 22017 Paper 32017 Marking Scheme2017 Level Thresholds
2016 KS2 SATs Papers2016 Paper 12016 Paper 22016 Paper 32016 Marking Scheme2016 Level Thresholds
2016 (Sample) KS2 SATs Papers2016 Sample Paper 12016 Sample Paper 22016 Sample Paper 32016 Sample Marking SchemeN/A
2015 KS2 SATs Papers2015 Paper 12015 Paper 2N/A2015 Marking Scheme2015 Level Thresholds
2014 KS2 SATs Papers2014 Paper 12014 Paper 2N/A2014 Marking Scheme2014 Level Thresholds
2013 KS2 SATs Papers2013 Paper 12013 Paper 2N/A2013 Marking Scheme2013 Level Thresholds
2012 KS2 SATs Papers2012 Paper 12012 Paper 2N/A2012 Marking Scheme2012 Level Thresholds
2011 KS2 SATs Papers2011 Paper 12011 Paper 2N/A2011 Marking Scheme2011 Level Thresholds
2010 KS2 SATs Papers2010 Paper 12010 Paper 2N/A2010 Marking Scheme2010 Level Thresholds
2009 KS2 SATs Papers2009 Paper 12009 Paper 2N/A2009 Marking Scheme2009 Level Thresholds
2008 KS2 SATs Papers2008 Paper 12008 Paper 2N/A2008 Marking Scheme2008 Level Thresholds
2007 KS2 SATs Papers2007 Paper 12007 Paper 2N/A2007 Marking Scheme2007 Level Thresholds
2006 KS2 SATs Papers2006 Paper 12006 Paper 2N/A2006 Marking Scheme2006 Level Thresholds
2005 KS2 SATs Papers2005 Paper 12005 Paper 2N/A2005 Marking Scheme2005 Level Thresholds
2004 KS2 SATs Papers2004 Paper 12004 Paper 2N/A2004 Marking Scheme2004 Level Thresholds
2003 KS2 SATs Papers2003 Paper 12003 Paper 2N/A2003 Marking Scheme2003 Level Thresholds
2002 KS2 SATs Papers2002 Paper 12002 Paper 2N/A2002 Marking SchemeN/A
2001 KS2 SATs Papers2001 Paper 12001 Paper 2N/A2001 Marking SchemeN/A
2000 KS2 SATs Papers2000 Paper 1 2000 Part 1

2000 Part 2

N/A2000 Marking SchemeN/A