Contents of KS1 Maths SATS Test

The KS1 SATS Maths Test is split into two papers which will be taken by all children.

Paper 1 is Arithmetic which has 25 marks allocated and will be taken over roughly 25 minutes

Typical questions for the arithmetic paper could be 46-5 = ?


? + 8= 17

All questions revolve around the level of four operations skills children are expected to have acquired during the KS1 course.

Paper 2 is Reasoning which has 35 marks allocated to it and will take around 35 minutes.

Typical questions could include the following:

Sita put two shoes into each of 7 shoe boxes. How many shoes did she put in the boxes altogether?


Complete the number line by adding the two missing numbers: 0 3 6  _  12 _ 18

Further example questions:

If you want to look at some more examples then the best thing to do is to look at the free KS1 Maths SATS Papers we have on the site. You can download them without registering and they are free.

Please see example papers below:

2016 Paper 1  – ArithmeticQuestion Paper, Marking Guide

2016 Paper 2 – ReasoningQuestion Paper, Marking Guide

Delivery of KS1 SATS papers within schools

Most schools will aim to deliver these tests in as a relaxed way as possible so that children aren’t stressed by the experience and can give of their best. Children will have been exposed to all the skills they will need to do well in these tests but clearly age and maturity as well as development will have a role to play in the results.

It is worth remembering that children who don’t do well in their KS1 tests may well recover to do very well by the time KS2 comes around. In many cases younger more immature children need a little more time to enable them to deliver of their best.