Phonics Screening Test Sample Words

Some families want to do some phonics work at home.  This is easy to do once you get started and will really help children come to grips with their phonics work which in turn will help them to read more quickly and more fluently.

In addition to trying to work on phonics a little at home it is of course a very good idea to do some reading work every day, whether this is a parent reading to child or reading together or a child reading to a parent.

Phonics Screening Check Sample Words List

Below is a list of words based on the phonics check and released as official practice.  As with the real test the practice test includes real words and non-words ( made up words).  It does this so that children with a smaller vocabulary are not disadvantaged.

Children should be working towards being able to read and say 80%+ of these words accurately.

Real Words for sample phonics screening check – 20 words

Shin, gang, week, chill, grit, start, best, hooks, day, slide, newt, phone, blank, trains, strap, scribe, rusty, finger, dentist, starling

Non-Words for sample phonics screening check – 20 words

tox, bim, vap, ulf, geck, chom, tord, thazz, blan, steck, hild, quemp, voo, jound, terg, fape, snemp, blurst, spron, storft

More sample practice phonics check resources

Our main page on the phonics screening test has lots of free tests to download which can also be used as practice.

In addition if you wished to you can use the International Phonetic Alphabet which is a useful additional resource.