Books for Year Three

There are hundreds of books available for year three. We have selected ONLY the ones we think are most useful and included them below.

Home study structured courses are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to using books. The main advantages are:

  • All the work is fully planned and structured for you, so you don’t need to decide which books to use and which topics to focus on.
  • They tend to include a range of activities to consolidate core skills in a fun and engaging way.
  • With many different courses available, it is easy to pick the right course for your needs and level of ability.
  • As you don’t have to buy lots of different books, they can be far more cost effective.

If you are considering using a structured course we recommend using Learning Street’s find your course tool as it allows you to quickly identify the ideal course based on your child’s year group and current level of ability.

In addition, we have developed four Free Preparation guides for year three which you are able to find on our Year Three Preparation Guides page.

Please read the preparation guide you feel MOST suits your situation then you’ll be able to see which of the resources we suggest you use and when.


Maths Preparation

Schofield and Sims Basic Skills 5

Schofield and Sims Mental Arithmetic Book 1 and Answers

Carol Vorderman Maths Made Easy – Problem Solving Ages 7-9

Scholastic Maths Practice Book Year Three

Times Tables

Carol Vorderman 10 minutes a day times tables


CGP Practice and Learn Times Tables

Remember:  Use Games and songs as well to keep things fresh – here are two good fun resources for learning times tables – Harry’s Magic Tables BookSing Your Times Tables  (Audio CD)

English Preparation

Scholastic Years 3 and 4 Hand Writing Book

Schofield and Sims Springboard Book 1 then Book 2

Scholastic Grammar and Punctuation Workbook Ages 7-8

Schofield and Sims Comprehension Book 1

Scholastic English Practice Book Year 3



Scholastic National Curriculum – Maths Revision Guide


Scholastic National Curriculum- English Revision Guide


Collins Year 3 Maths- Targeted Practice Book


Collins Year 3 English – Targeted Practice Book

Exam Preparation for Year 3 End of Year Exams

Scholastic- Reading Test Papers – Year 3

Scholastic – Grammar, Spelling Punctuation Test Papers – Year 3

Scholastic – Maths Test Papers – Year 3