SATs Preparation Guides & Books

SATs Preparation Guides

The vast majority of parents want to help their children have the best education foundations. For many parents this means helping their children during their Primary School years.

Many parents though remain unsure about what to do or where to start so we have put together a number of free sats preparation guides which will help.

For each year we have put together a list of books and have then designed four guides as follows:

The Basics – For parents with very little time who want to do only the most important things.  This action plan doesn’t change much from year 3 to year 6 because of the nature of what is important for children of this age range.

Extended Help – For parents who have a little more help.  This advice comes in three stages with the most intensive being for parents who would like to a little work (30 minutes ) each day.

Revision and end of year exams (SATs) help – Some parents can only really help their children in the run up to end of year exams (SATs if in year six or year two).  In that case this advice helps parents understand what they could be focussing on and which specific resources to use.

Help during the Summer – All education research shows children who do nothing over the summer holidays go backwards.  This preparation advice shows parents what they could be doing over the summer and what effect it might have.  Working over the summer is very beneficial which is why so many families do it.

Click through to the relevant year to source the SATs preparation guides which are right for you:

Year three preparation and homework help – Free Guide

Year four preparation and homework help – Free Guide

Year five preparation and homework help – Free Guide

Year six preparation and homework help – Free Guide

SATs Books

There are hundreds of SATs books available to buy, but until you have bought them and your child has completed the test, you won’t know whether or not they are effective and by then it is too late. So we have selected only the best and most useful SATs books so that you don’t have to.

Click through to the relevant year to find our list of recommended books:

Recommended year three books

Recommended year four books

Recommended year five books

Recommended year six books


In addition, we have a range of free KS2 English and Maths Worksheets!