Free Resources- Maths SATs Questions and Answers

These Maths questions have been segmented by question type and they have been taken from previous SATs papers. In our view, while these have been taken from pre-2016 papers they are all useful practice materials.

They will help pupils to focus on an individual skill area that has perhaps been identified as a weakness.

Where a weaker knowledge area has been found it is essential that pupils realise where they went wrong and then spend time doing some example questions so that they raise their skills in that area.

It is often the case unfortunately that either paper after paper is done with no focus on knowledge gap filling or that gap filling is done only with the single questions children made an error with.

If a child has been making mistakes with percentages as an example, it pays huge dividends to not only explain where they have gone wrong but then to also give them lots of practice questions on that subject.

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Free SATs Resources- Maths

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