SATS Papers Online

There are two types of SATS papers available online.  Those where you download a SATS Paper online and then complete it on paper, and those where the paper is available to complete online.

Which type of online SATS paper should you use?

While those online SATS papers where the papers are actually completed online and marked online might seem like a good idea they have their problems.  It is true that they can be accessed on a tablet, on the move or at home and the online marking aspect saves time, however there is a significant problem with them.

Children will be asked to complete their SATS papers on paper not online and this is a significant difference. Children who only work online do not work in the same way as those who work on paper.  For instance they don’t naturally do maths calculations on scrap paper or indeed the question paper so they tend to leap at answers and sometimes don’t work in the right way.  Equally children (and adults for that matter) don’t read screen delivered text as accurately as they read paper delivered text.

We’d suggest that if you can then please use the online SATS papers which you download and then print and complete on paper rather than online SATS papers which are completed online.  A mix won’t be overly harmful but just working online isn’t helpful for a child’s development and greater progress can be made working on paper.

Online SATS papers to download and use for free – no registration necessary

Below are three links to our pages which have free SATS papers to download and use, please feel free to use them.

KS1 Year 2 SATS Papers- Free download, no registration

KS2 Year 6 SATS Papers- Free download , no registration

Optional SATS Papers for years 3,4 and 5 – Free download, no registration