Free SATs Resources

If you’d like to look at, download and use Free SATs papers and answers then click through from the links below.

Also as part of preparation, it is useful to focus on individual question areas. Click the link through to SATs questions and answers if you’d like to download free question focussed resources.

Free SATs KS1 Papers with Answers

Free SATs KS2 Papers with Answers

Free SATs English Questions with Answers

Free SATs Maths Questions with Answers

How to prepare using Free SATs Papers and Questions with answers

When using free resources like this remember that doing a SATs paper or doing some SATs questions won’t actually help you to improve. For improvement, you have to spend time marking the paper and going over the mistake areas.

If you are preparing at home it useful to do a paper then mark it using the answers provided. When you have marked it then go through the mistake areas with your child.

If you find there are mistakes with percentages then go into the free Maths SATs Questions and Answers section and choose the percentages section. You can then do lots of questions focussed on percentages which with help will move your child from being unsure about percentages to being a percentage expert.

Further preparation advice beyond using resources beyond free SATs papers and questions with answers

Of course, using papers and going through them to identify weaker areas is a very useful thing to do at the end of a process near the exam date. Before this, however, you should be focussing on core skills not timed tests. Please see below for our various sections on exam preparation for SATs whether you are in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 or Year 6.

SATs Preparation Resources Year 3

SATs Preparation Resources Year 4

SATs Preparation Resources Year 5

SATs Preparation Resources Year 6