English Syllabus KS2 – Key Topic Explanations

Parents ( and children for that matter) often need reminding how to deal with certain questions or reminding what is involved with reaching the right answers.

The topic items below are the key ones from the KS2 Syllabus and we have particularly focused on sourcing explanations to the questions which were most frequently noted as problem areas.

These topics can either be used as and when a question emerges or children can go through the topics one by one and in doing so this form a very valuable piece of revision work for them.

English ks2 syllabus topic explanations list

Just browse the list of key English topics below until you find the area you are looking for. Click the link and you’ll be taken to the explanation. It’s free to use and no registrations are necessary.

What is a preposition

What is a phoneme

What is a determiner

What is a common noun

What are time connectives

What are suffixes

What are prefixes

What are fronted adverbials

How to improve creative writing

What is personification

What is exaggeration

What is an adverbial phrase

What is an adjective

What is a subordinate clause

What is a simile

What is a relative clause

What is a proper noun

What is a pronoun

What is a metaphor

What is a clause

What are powerful verbs