Free Resources- English SATs Questions and Answers

We’d suggest that using the free English past SATs papers and answers we have on-site will be the most useful resource for you. Sometimes, however, we get questions from parents and teachers seeking additional resources, particularly with comprehensions.

With that in mind, we have decided to put up the following free English resources which you can download. We haven’t provided specific answers as most of them are standard questions rather than multiple-choice. If you are doing these at home a good way to deal with answers is to discuss the question and the answer the child has given together. If the child has given a brilliant answer first time out then that’s great, if not, however, discussing what they could have put or might have added in a non-judgemental way is often a good way of improving responses. Working together also helps to boost confidence levels.

Free SATs Resources- English

Explanation Questions

Letters and Interview Questions

Narrative Reading Questions

Poetry Questions

More Poetry Questions

Report Questions