Maths Reasoning Worksheet and Explanation

We’ve structured this information to help children with their education. It is targeted at children in years 5 and 6 and the questions for the worksheet have been stripped from past papers. Having an understanding of maths reasoning is part of the primary school curriculum and children will deal with maths reasoning in both KS1 and KS2.

The Information below will give an overview of the topic and we have included a detailed worksheet with full answers. The worksheet includes 30 maths reasoning questions and is relevant for KS2 pupils approaching their SATS test.

Download Free Maths Reasoning Worksheet – Questions

Download Free Maths Reasoning Worksheet – Answers

If you are not ready to download the worksheets yet, then read on for some information about maths reasoning. This has provided to introduce the topics covered in the worksheet for those that might be unfamiliar but also as a quick revision tool for those that would like a quick refresher before accessing the worksheet.


Maths Reasoning Explained

The Purpose of Maths Reasoning

Reasoning allows us to make sense of the world around is and problems we might face on a day-to-day basis. Maths reasoning is part of this ability and helps us to use maths in meaningful ways and in applied settings. The question sheet uses examples that we might come across in everyday life where we need to use our maths skills to make an informed decision, such as the correct train to catch or how much money I will have remaining after I have been to the shops.

How do I Develop my Maths Reasoning?

Maths reasoning is dependent on the core skills learnt in the primary curriculum and is essentially utilising these in applied scenarios. In order to improve your maths reasoning skills, it is therefore important that you continue to develop your core skills. It is also important that students are able to explain their maths reasoning using the correct terminology wherever possible.

Where Maths Reasoning is Used?

As mentioned above reasoning is something we use every day, usually without thinking. These groups describe most of the situations where we will most likely be using our maths reasoning skills:

  • The first encounter of a new challenge
  • When a range of starting locations are possible
  • When there is missing information
  • When selecting a problem-solving skill
  • When evaluating a solution in context
  • When there is more than one solution
  • When logical and critical thinking are required
  • When there are multiple ways of solving a problem
  • The basis for mathematical proof


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