Preparing for KS2 Year 6 SATS Papers

On our KS2 Year 6 SATS Papers page, you can download past papers for practice for the SATS test.

We’d suggest that you don’t just dive straight in and use these papers. Ideally, to get the best value from them they should be used as part of a structured programme of help for your child.

We have a range of free English and Maths Worksheets

Find the books and papers we recommend for preparation!


We have seen thousands of parents go through KS2 SATS and many of them naturally approach the problem in different ways.  We have developed some free preparation guides for parents and have separated these out into the most common needs we find.  Click through if you’d like to see how we suggest you best prepare in your given situation.  These guides help you to understand when to use the published SATS papers that do exist and what other materials may be useful to use.  The intention is that the preparation guides help you to make the most of your own personal position.  Click the statement which most accurately reflects your preparation need.

1/ You want to support your child through every year of the KS2 syllabus, doing some work regularly at home to support the work given by their school.

2/ You don’t do any work with your child during the term time but do try to source revision materials for them during all the summer holidays to help them consolidate their learning.

3/ You have decided to do something to support their learning from the beginning of year six onwards in the six months leading up to the SATS exam.

4/ You want to support your child’s preparation for SATS after Christmas in the run up to the exam in May.

5/ You have made a decision to help them in the final month as the pressure at school rises to make sure they enter into the exam as fully prepared as possible.

Different families have different amounts of time available to help their children and equally different schools do more or less with children.  We wouldn’t suggest any of the five preparation types we have identified is right or wrong.  Hopefully you will be able to identify your own need there and if so please click through to find the free preparation guides.