Contents of KS2 Maths SATs Papers

The KS2 Syllabus was revised in 2014 and new SATs Papers were sat for the first time in 2016. This is now the new format for KS2 Maths SATs Papers.

There are three Papers in total that children will sit:

Paper 1 – Arithmetic

This test will have 30 questions and will last 30 minutes. It will consist of a series of context free (just numbers no words) calculations that children will have to perform. There will be some 2 mark questions for long division or long multiplication but most of the questions will be single mark.

Papers 2 and 3 – Maths Reasoning

Reasoning is a slightly odd name for these papers as it implies a degree of problem solving which really isn’t present in the tests. What you can expect are contextual questions (questions in words) and questions and marks allocated will broadly follow the following breakdown: About 70% of the marks will be awarded for questions covering Number, place value, approximation, estimation, four operations, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio, proportion and algebra. About 30% of the marks will be awarded for questions covering: measurement, Properties of shapes, direction and position on graphs and maps and statistics.

The reasoning papers will contain 80 marks and each paper will last 40 minutes.

For a clearer idea of what questions are included the best thing to do is to have a browse through the papers themselves.

Free KS2 Maths SATs Papers

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