How are KS2 SATs results used?

These are sent to each child’s secondary school and so are of great importance because they are often used in part to help decide who goes into top sets.

To simplify the importance of this a good performance in SATs in a mixed area will mean the very brightest children will go into top sets away from those who are perhaps learning more slowly or who are disruptive.  The top sets in comprehensive schools tend to move forward more quickly and fully and this results in a better GCSE and A level performance.  Children in top sets in comprehensive schools can be carried along by some seriously bright peers and places at a Russell Group University, is not a ludicrous ambition.

While children can be moved into higher sets in their secondary schools as their performance improves it’s better to start there.   A good performance in SATs can open that door in many schools. First impressions count which is why we always recommend children should be encouraged to deliver of their best in SATs tests.

In order to help your child achieve their best possible score in the KS2 SATs test, we recommend visiting our pages on KS2 Year 6 Papers for FREE papers and Our Recommended Books for Year 6.

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