How can I support my child for their SATs tests?

At one level simply understanding the test is coming, understanding what it involves, giving support through discussion at home by taking an interest will all help (you’d be surprised how many parents take very little interest in their child’s education and don’t know what they are doing from one week to the next or indeed how they are doing).

At another level getting into some very good routines at home in the run up to the test will help.  Some families are particularly disorganised and things feel like a huge rush.  These families normally accept this is a failing and can put it right (at least for a short period).  After Easter (or ideally before) try making sure bed time happens sensibly, do the simple things well – no junk food, drink lots of water, not many fizzy drinks, get some exercise or at least some fresh air. On the day (s) itself try to make sure you are very organised and the morning doesn’t feel like a rush. Try to get to school 15 minutes earlier than you normally do – a rushed start can result in a poor performance.

Finally many parents (most we would hope) already do the simple things well and want to go a stage further and actively support their child’s learning.

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