How are published SATs results used?

SATs results are used as part of the ranking process for Primary Schools.

To some degree one would imagine that this is a good thing as it shows you which schools are ‘good’ and which schools are ‘bad’ however it isn’t as simple as that.

Remember that schools themselves are only part of the story, the mix of children at any one school is also very important.  Schools in disadvantaged areas tend to do less well than those in more well to do areas.

Equally though you can have poor schools in good areas who don’t make enough of the raw materials they have (but still get most through the national standards) or great schools in poor areas where they make the most of the pupils they have (but still look like they are failing as they fail to reach the national standard). School league tables still don’t give an accurate picture of what schools are actually delivering.

SATs are helpful in ranking school performance but do not give the full picture by any means.

You can get more information about SATs on our SATs information page.

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