When are the results of the Sats tests issued?

The Sats tests take place in May.  While there is no set date for results you certainly should get these during the summer term.

The reason there are no set dates is that the actual sats papers are sent off for external marking.  When these results come back teachers then need to  combine them with their own assessment of your child’s writing skills (these are teacher assessed) and the teacher then reviews your child’s marks, adds in their own thoughts and then reports back on whether your child is working to the national standard in Maths and English.

Historically in KS2 for year six SATS children were expected to be working at a level 4 (out of six levels).  In the new format sats tests children are expected to reach a higher standard and the mark scheme is not the same.  Instead of the old levels system children now have to reach a cut off score to be deemed to have reached the national standard….. full details are on our page on how sats tests are scored.

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